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Welcome Cocktail 
Palazzo Ducale
h 19:15

Dinner at
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h 20:00
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Palazzo Ducale
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Palazzo Ducale
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Palazzo Ducale

Sunday June 6

SMI Tutorial T1 (full day: 10.15 - 12.15 & 13.30 - 17.00 with a half hour break at 15:00)

Freeform Shape Representations for Efficient Geometry Processing
Stephan Bischoff, Mario Botsch, Leif Kobbelt
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Monday June 7

9.30        Welcome

10.15        Technical Session TS1: IMPLICIT SURFACES (Chair - Alexander Pasko)

A Hybrid Shape Representation for Free-form Modeling
Remi Allegre, Aurelien Barbier, Samir Akkouche, Eric Galin

Multiresolution Reconstruction of Implicit Surfaces with Attributes from Large Unorganized Point Sets
Ireneusz Tobor, Patrick Reuter, Christophe Schlick

3D Scattered Data Approximation with Adaptive Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions
Yutaka Ohtake, Alexander Belyaev, Hans-Peter Seidel

11.30        Coffee Break

11.45        Technical Session TS2: FEATURE-BASED MODELING AND DEFORMATIONS (Chair - Wim Bronswoort)

Fitting and manipulating freeform shapes by extendable freeform templates
Y. Song, J.S.M.Vergeest and S.Spanjaard

Multi-minimisations for shape control of Fully Free Form Deformation Features
J.P. Pernot, S. Guillet, J. Leon, B. Falcidieno, F. Giannini

Sweepers: Swept User-Defined Tools for Modeling by Deformation.
Alexis Angelidis, Geoff Wyvill, Marie-Paule Cani

13.00        Lunch Break

14.00        INVITED TALK (Chair - Marie Paul Cani)

Dynamic body transformation and matching from scanned data
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
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15.00        Technical Session TS3:GEOMETRIC ALGORITMS (Chair - Michael Pratt)

Computing Planar Sections of Surfaces of Revolution with Revolute Quadric Decomposition
Jinyuan Jia, Kai Tang, Ajay Joney and Ki-Wan Kwok

Nonlinear Polynomial Systems: Multiple Roots and their Multiplicities
K. H. Ko, T. Sakkalis, N. M. Patrikalakis

15.50        Coffee Break

16.20        Technical Session TS4:SUBDIVISION SURFACES (Chair - Leif Kobbelt)

Polygonal decomposition of the 1-ring neighborhood of the Catmull-Clark scheme
I.P. Ivrissimtzis, R. Zayer, and H.-P. Seidel

Semiregular Pentagonal Subdivisions
Ergun Akleman, Vinod Srinivasan, Zeki Melek, Paul Edmundson

Detail-Preserving Variational Surface Design with Multiresolution Constraints
Ioana Boier-Martin, Remi Ronfard, Fausto Bernardini

Surface Quality Assessment of Subdivision Surfaces on Programmable Graphics Hardware
Yusuke Yasui, Takashi Kanai

Tuesday June 8

9.00        INVITED TALK  (Chair - Jean Claude Leon):

A Generative Theory of Shape
Michael Leyton
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10.00        Technical Session TS5: SHAPE RETRIEVAL (Chair -  Nicholas Patrikalakis)

A Survey of Content Based 3D Shape Retrieval Methods
Johan W.H. Tangelder, Remco C. Veltkamp

Augmented Reeb Graphs for Content-based Retrieval of 3D Mesh Models
Tony Tung, Francis Schmitt

The Princeton Shape Benchmark
Philip Shilane, Patrick Min, Michael Kazhdan, and Thomas Funkhouser

11.15        Coffee Break

11.45        Technical Session TS6: MESH PROCESSING I  (Chair -  Enrico Puppo)

Differential Coordinates for Interactive Mesh Editing
Yaron Lipman, Olga Sorkine, Daniel Cohen-Or, David Levin, Christian Roessl, Hans-Peter Seidel

Least-squares Meshes
Olga Sorkine, Daniel Cohen-Or

A fast and simple stretch-minimizing mesh parameterization
Shin Yoshizawa, Alexander G. Belyaev, Hans-Peter Seidel

13.00        Lunch Break

14.00        Technical Session TS7: MESH PROCESSING II (Chair -  Marc Alexa)

View-dependent Streaming of Progressive Meshes
Junho Kim, Seungyong Lee, Leif Kobbelt

Constant-time Navigation in Four-Dimensional Nested Simplicial Meshes
Michael Lee, Leila De Floriani, Hanan Samet

14.50        Technical Session TS8: POINT-BASED MODELING (Chair - Alexander Belyaev)

Robust Watermarking of Point-Sampled Geometry
Daniel Cotting, Tim Weyrich, Mark Pauly, and Markus Gross.

Approximating Bounded, Non-orientable Surfaces from Points
Anders Adamson, Marc Alexa

15.40        Coffee Break

16.10        Technical Session TS9: APPLICATIONS I (Chair - Jean Claude Leon)

Evaluation and Visualization of Stress and Strain on Soft Biological Tissues in Contact
Sofiane Sarni, Anderson Maciel, Ronan Boulic, Daniel Thalmann

Mold Accessibility via Gauss Map Analysis
Gershon Elber, Xianming Chen, Elaine Cohen

17.00        Technical Session TS10: INTERACTIVE MODELING (Chair - Geoff Wyvill)

Stroke-Input Methods for Immersive Styling Environments
T. Fleisch, P. Santos, G. Brunetti, A. Stork

Novel Interface Paradigm for Supporting Product Design
Kuo-Cheng Wu, Terrence Fernando, Simon Bee

Wednesday  June 9

9.00        SMI&SM04 Common day introduction and SM’04 Opening

9.15        INVITED TALK (Chair - Jarek Rossignac)

Building Shapes by Self-Assembly
Ari Requicha
(click here to view an abstract)

10.15         Special Session: AIM@SHAPE Project Presentation and Panel discussion

11.00        Coffee Break

11.30        Technical Session TS11: APPLICATIONS II  (Chair - Gershon Elber)

Contouring Medial Surface of Thin Plate Structure using Local Marching Cubes
Tomoyuki Fujimori, Hiromasa Suzuki, Yohei Kobayashi and Kiwamu Kase

Closing Gaps by Clustering Unseen Directions
P. Cignoni, G. Impoco, R. Scopigno

Extension of ISO 10303, the STEP Standard, for the Exchange of Procedural Shape Models
M. J. Pratt

12.45         SMI & SM Poster session

Verification of Scanned Engineering Parts With CAD Models Based on Discrete Curvature Estimation
B. Lipshitz, A. Fischer

Decomposition of complex models for manufacture
T.Lim, H.Medellin, J.R.Corney, J.M.Ritchie, and J.B.C.Davies

Using semi-implicit representation of algebraic surfaces
L. Buse, A. Galligo

Procedural Modeling of Cracks and Fractures
A. Martinet, E. Galin, B. Desbenoit, S. Akkouche

Generative Parametric Design of Gothic Window Tracery
S. Havemann, D. W. Fellner

Modeling the coronary artery tree
C. Lorenz, J. von Berg, T. Buelow, S. Renisch, S. Wergandt

Empirical Analysis of Computational and Accuracy Tradeoffs Using Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions for Surface Reconstruction
B. Morse, W. Liu, L. Otis

Freeform Shape Deformations with Meaningful Constraints and Parameters
R. Dumitrescu, J. S.M. Vergeest

Calibration Issues for Projector-based 3D-Scanning
T. Gockel, P. Azad, R. Dillmann

Reeb graph representation of surfaces with boundary
S. Biasotti

Shape recovery using functionally represented constructive models
P. A. Fayolle, A. Pasko, E. Kartasheva, N. Mirenkov

Reconstruction with 3D Geometric Bilateral Filter
A. Miropolsky, A. Fischer (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
Developability-preserved Free-form Deformation of Assembled patches
C. C. L. Wang (Chinese University of Hong Kong), K. Tang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Implicit Curve and Surface Design Using Smooth Unit Step Functions
Q. Li (University of Hull)
Stability and Homotopy of a Subset of the Medial Axis
F. Chazal (Université de Bourgogne), A. Lieutier (Dassault Systèmes and LMC/IMAG)
Tracing Surface Intersection with a Validated ODE System Solver
H. Mukundan, K. H. Ko, T. Maekawa, T. Sakkalis, N. M. Patrikalakis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Topological and Geometric Beautification of Reverse Engineered Geometric Models
F. C. Langbein, A. D. Marshall, R. R. Martin (Cardiff University), B. I. Mills (Massey University), C. H. Gao (Sichuan University)
Connected and Manifold Sierpinski Polyhedra
E. Akleman and V. Srinivasan (Texas A&M University)
Physics-based Modelling and Simulation of Functional Cloth for Virtual Prototyping Applications
M. Fontana (Università degli Studi di Parma), C. Rizzi (Università degli Studi di Bergamo), U. Cugini (Politecnico di Milano)
Image Based Bio-CAD Modeling and Its Applications to Biomedical and Tissue Engineering
B. Starly, A. Darling, C. Gomez, J. Nam, W. Sun , A. Shokoufandeh, W. Regli (Drexel University)
Shape Similarity Measurement Using Ray Distances for Mass Customization
T. J. Hwang, K. Lee, J. H. Jeong, H. Y. Oh (Seoul National University)
Using Cayley Menger Determinants
D. Michelucci, S. Foufou (Le2i University of Burgundy)
History Based Reactive Objects for Immersive CAD
T. Convard, P. Bourdot (Université Paris XI)
Shortest Circuits with Given Homotopy in a Constellation
D. Michelucci, M. Neveu (University of Burgundy)
Contour Interpolation with Bounded Dihedral Angles
S. Bespamyatnikh (University of Texas at Dallas), M. Jiang, B. Zhu (Montana State University)
Actual Morphing: A Phsical-Based Approach for Blending Two 2D/3D Shapes
S. M. Hu (Tsinghua University), C. F. Li, H. Zhang (University of Wales Swansea)
Euler Operators for Stratified Objects with Incomplete Boundaries
A. J. P. Gomes (Univ. Beira Interior)
Handling Degeneracies in Exact Boundary Evaluation
K. Ouchi, J. Keyser (Texas A&M University)
3D Discrete Skeleton Generation by Wave Propagation on PR-Octree for Finite Element Mesh Sizing
W. R. Quadros, K. Shimada (Carnegie Mellon University), S. J. Owen (Sandia National Laboratory)
Compression, Segmentation, and Modeling of Filamentary Volumetric Data
B. McCormick, B. Busse, P. Doddapaneni, Z. Melek, J. Keyser (Texas A&M University)
Plumber: A Multi-scale Decomposition of 3D Shapes into Tubular Primitives and Bodies
M. Mortara, G. Patane, M. Spagnuolo, B. Falcidieno (Instituto di Matematica Applicat e Tecnologie Informatiche), J. Rossignac (Georgia Tech)
A Scan-Line Grouping Algorithm (SLGA)
K.V. Kostas, A.I. Ginnis, P.D. Kaklis

15:00 Invited Talk 1 (Chair - Ari Rappoport):

Accuracy in Shape Interrogation Application

C. Hoffmann (Purdue University), with G. Park (Purdue University), J-R. Simard, N. F. Stewart (Université de Montréal)

16:00 SESSION 1 (Chair - Ari Rappoport): Medial Axis Representations

Efficient and Robust Computation of an Approximated Medial Axis
Y. Yang, O. Brock, R. N. Moll (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Medial Axis Extraction and Shape Manipulation of Solid Objects Using Parabolic PDEs
H. Du, H. Qin (State University of New York at Stony Brook)          

Medial-Axis Based Solid Representation
A. Shaham (Tel Aviv University), A. Shamir (The Interdisciplinary Center), D. Cohen-Or (Tel Aviv University)